The information provided here is focussing on some special aspects of forestry and wood use, related to the experience of the author:
  1. Forestry  in Germany
  2. Studies of Wood Science and Technology in Germany
  3. Environmental Studies in Germany
  4. Indien: Informationsquellen zur Forst- und Holzwirtschaft und allgemeine Informationen zum Land (mainly in German)
  5. Use of small timber and wood residues
  6. Journals and internet sources on wood science and technology
  7. Vocational training for the woodworking industries: College of Wood Technology Bad Wildungen

Further information will be added time by time. Companies and scientists are invited to provide pictures and graphs, case studies and examples related to the topics above!

About the copyright of the pictures on this website: All the photos were taken by Dr. Ernst Kürsten, unless another source is indicated. You are welcome to use the pictures for non-commercial publications, presentations and websites as long as you quote this website as the source. If you need pictures in a higher resolution please contact Dr. Kürsten.

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