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"The global forest products industry can play a significant role in combating climate change by optimizing the use of raw material, increasing efficiency, producing bio-energy and expanding into bio-refinery products while developing the competiveness of the sector." (FAO 2006)

Wood Report wants support these activities. Therefore we impart expert knowledge on this website and offer our services in order to:

  • disseminate information
  • support technology transfer
  • enhance research, development and education


The company was established in 1998 and named Congress-Report GmbH at first. The original idea was to make use of the "new media" internet and CD-ROM for a more efficient storage and distribution of knowledge presented at congresses and conferences. In addition the company performed the content management of some websites.

Today the company also offers the writing of press releases, the organisation of conferences, courses and excursions - spezialized on topics from forestry and the wood working industry (Details see: services!). Therefore the company in 2007 was renamed as Wood-Report GmbH.

Managing director and responsible for this website:

Dr. Ernst Kürsten

Contact und impressum:
Wood-Report GmbH
An den Papenstücken 2
D - 30455 Hannover / Germany
+49 (0)511 - 49 90 66
+49 (0)511 - 47 52 88 5

Handelsregisternummer: B 202544, Amtsgericht Hannover

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